Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Story

Scripture:  Matthew 8:23-27
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes : pg 276
The Beginner's Bible : pg 334
My Story Bible : pg 86-87
Through the Bible Felt :  pg 183-184


Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Verse

Psalm 56:3-4 - When I am afraid, I will trust in you, in God whose Word I praise.
Steve Green – Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 1 -  #5


Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Song

Deep and Wide  Traditional

Deep and wide (put arms vertically, then horizontally),
Deep and wide
There’s a fountain (rain down with fingers)
Flowing (play piano with fingers)
Deep and wide

Optional – each time substitute the below words and say “hmmm” instead
1st Time - Deep
2nd Time - Deep, wide
3rd Time - Deep, wide, fountain
4th Time - Deep, wide, fountain, flowing

1st Time Example:
Hmmm and wide
Hmmm and wide
There's a fountain
Hmmm and wide


Jesus Calms the Storm Activity Sheet

Jesus Calms the Storm Worksheet  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

Glue torn pieces of tissue paper to the waters.

Paint the water with shaving cream and blue food coloring.


Jesus Calms the Storm Activities and Crafts

Free Coloring Sheet for Immediate Family Use:  Jesus Calms the Storm

Role Play
Trade off acting parts for the wind, the rain, Jesus, and the disciples.  Make sure that the "wind" and "rain" stop immediately when Jesus tells them to.

Attach different shades of blue streamers to a large craft stick.  Wave the streamers in the air while reading the story.

Create a Rainstorm  
Imagine sitting with the disciples on a boat and a storm comes.  Have the child help you create the storm by following your lead.  Add this activity to a Family Night for more fun!
1.  Slowly rub fingertips together (wind coming)
2.  Slowly rub hands together (wind getting heavier)
3.  Quickly rub hands together (wind getting stronger)
4.  Slowly snap fingers (raindrops coming) - This is a very difficult task for a preschooler but the child will have fun trying!
5.  Quickly snap fingers (heavy rain)
6.  Clap hands (thunder)
7.  Clap and then immediately hold hands up with spread fingers and strike downward (lightning)
8.  Quickly tap thighs (very hard rainfall)
9.  Repeat in reverse order (storm gradually calming down)


Jesus Calms the Storm Interactive Bible Story

Jesus Calms the Storm

This story is free for family use only and may not be used in any form in a non-family situation.  A script of this story for non-family use is available in the New Testament Curriculum, 1 Year Interactive Bible Stories, and 3 Year Interactive Bible Stories.  

Optional Flannelgraph:

Water board
7 – Jesus
83 – Men in boat
172 – Dark Cloud
182 – Waves
184 – Lightning

Have on the board – 83
Have in order – 172, 182, 184, 7

Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Story:

Our story today is going to be filled with worry (demonstrate a worried face including placing your fingertips to your mouth) and amazement (demonstrate an amazed face).  Can you show me a worried face?  How about an amazed face?  I want you to listen to our Bible story very carefully. Every time that you hear those two words, I want you to show me the correct face.

Jesus spent much of His time teaching, preaching, and healing the sick.  He and the disciples had had a long day.  After a long day do you get tired?  Just like we get tired, Jesus was tired and needed to rest.  In Luke 8:22-25 (show the passage in the Bible), Jesus told His disciples, “Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.”  As they were sailing, Jesus fell asleep.

Suddenly dark clouds filled the sky.  A strong wind began to blow.  Whooo….  The waves grew tall and taller, slamming against the side of the boat.  Smash!  Crash!   The disciples started to worry.   Show me a worried face.  They were scared because they knew the boat would soon sink if this storm didn’t stop.

“Jesus! Jesus!” the disciples screamed.  But, the storm was so loud.  “Jesus!  Wake up!  Save us!  We are going to drown!”  Can you hear how worried the disciples were?

Jesus said, “Why are so worried and afraid?  You have so little faith.”

Then Jesus stood up and said to the storm, “Wind, be quiet.  Waves, peace!”  Immediately the storm stopped.  The dark clouds disappeared (remove clouds).  The water calmed (remove waves).

The disciples looked at each other in amazement.  Show me a face of amazement.  The disciples started talking among themselves.  “Who is this man?  Even the wind and waves obey Him.  We are amazed at what Jesus can do!”

Do you get scared and worry about storms?  Sometimes we worry about what will happen.  Instead of worrying, we can pray to Jesus or sing a Bible verse song to remind us that Jesus will help us.  Remember, Jesus can do amazing things!


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