Jesus Heals the Little Girl Flannelgraph Bible Story

Jesus Heals the Little Girl Bible Story

Scripture:  Mark 5:21-24, 35-42
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes:  pg 278
The Beginner's Bible:  pg 340
My Story Bible:  pg 88-89
Through the Bible Felt:  pg 185


Jesus Heals the Little Girl Bible Verse

Luke 1:37 - For nothing is impossible with God.

Tune:  London Bridges
For nothing is impossible with God
Impossible with God
Impossible with God
For nothing is impossible with God
Luke 1:37


Jesus Heals the Little Girl Bible Songs

Are you Sleeping, Little Girl?  Original Source Unknown

Tune:  Are You Sleeping?
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping?  (hands my face as sleeping)
Little girl, little girl?
Jesus is coming, He will help you (march like Jesus is walking)
Now you're well, now you're well.  (smile)

He's Got the Whole World in HIs Hands   Traditional

He's got the whole world in His hands (3x)
The whole world in His hands

Create your own verses:
He's got our family...
He's got the mountains and the rivers...
He's got the fish and the birds...


Jesus Heals the Little Girl Activities and Crafts

Free Coloring Sheet for Immediate Family Use: Jesus Heals the Little Girl

Helping the Sick
Jesus cares about sick people and He wants us to help sick people too.  Think of ideas that you can do to help someone who is sick (get a tissue, draw a picture, smile, make a phone call).

Doctor Play
Using ace bandages or bathroom tissue, wrap a family member's arm or stuffed animal's leg.  Play with a Doctor Set and Doctor Costume .  Discuss how God uses doctors and nurses to help us feel better.

Memory Verse Craft
Write the memory verse on a tongue depressor (craft stick) or bandaid.

Bandaid Graham Cracker Snack   Original Source Unknown
Break one graham crackers into four narrow sections.  In the middle of each section, spread a square of white frosting to resemble a bandaid.  Eat the snack and discuss the story.


Jesus Heals the Little Girl Interactive Bible Story

Jesus Heals the Little Girl 1 Jesus Heals the Little Girl 2

This story is free for family use only and may not be used in any form in a non-family situation.  A script of this story for non-family use is available in the New Testament Curriculum, 3 Year Interactive Bible Stories, and 4 Year Interactive Bible Stories.  

Flannelgraph Needed:

Water Board
Room Board
Green Bottom
S4 – Hill with Trees
S8-9 – Two Trees
1 – Jesus
28 – Simon Peter
32 – James
36 – Jairus
54 – Messenger
63 - John
87 – Group
102 - Mother
122 – Girl (Head)
229 – Bed
230 – Window

On the Water Board – Green Bottom, S4, S8-9, 1, 28, 32, 63, 87
On the Room Board – 102, 122, 229, 230
Have in Order – 36, 54

Bible Story:

(Water Board)

In Mark 5:21-42 (point to the passage in a Bible), the Bible says that a large crowd gathered around Jesus on the shore of the lake.  A man named Jairus came up to Jesus.  Can you say Jairus?  Falling on his knees he pleaded with Jesus to heal his little girl.  “My daughter is so sick.  Jesus, please come to my house and place your hands on her.  Please heal her so that she can live.”

Jesus and a few disciples left to go with Jairus to his home.   But before they arrived a messenger met them.   “Jairus’ daughter is dead.  There is no reason for Jesus to come to the house.  It is too late.”  But Jesus ignored the comment and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid.  Trust me!”

(Change to Room Board; Move Jesus, Jairus, John, Peter, and James to new board)

When they arrived at Jairus’ house, there were a lot of people crying because the little girl was dead.  Jesus asked, “Why is there so much crying?  The child isn’t dead; she is only sleeping.”  The people thought Jesus was joking and laughed when He said that she was only sleeping.  But Jesus said, “Hold her hand and say to her ‘Get up, little girl.”  They did exactly what Jesus said.

The twelve year old girl immediately stood up and walked around.  Her mother and father were so very happy that their daughter was now alive.  Thank you, Jesus, for healing Jairus' daughter!


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