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The Old Testament is the first portion of the Bible that includes the stories of Creation, Abraham, Moses, David, and many prophets.  The Old Testament is look for the coming King.  Below are ideas to help children understand this part of the Bible as a whole.


Old Testament Facts

39 Books
First part of the Bible, written first.
Everything in the Old Testament happened before Jesus was born  on the earth as a baby.
God instructs people to obey His law.  Sadly they disobeyed Him over and over and over again!
In the Old Testament, people looked for Jesus' coming as He was the promised Savior.


Old Testament Activities and Crafts

Old Testament Timeline  Bible Timeline
One of the best ways to explain the Old Testament is to create a visual timeline starting with Creation and ending prior to the birth of Jesus.  Use the first part of the Timeline Printable to create the timeline.  Cut the timeline out and tape together.  Print the Old Testament printable and have the child draw pictures of eight major stories of the Old Testament. Cut out and place the drawings on the timeline using string to connect the timeline and the drawing.  (Dates are approximate and all BC.)
4000 - Creation
2350 - Noah
2000 - Abraham
1500 - Moses and the 10 Commandments
1400 - Battle of Jericho
1100 - David and Goliath
785 - Jonah
600 - Daniel in the Lion's Den


Old Testament Activity Sheet

Old Testament Worksheet  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

Color with watercolors


Old Testament Interactive Bible Story

Available in the Old Testament Curriculum


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ABCJesusLovesMe Old Testament Curriculum  For further learning, check out the 52-week ABCJesusLovesMe Old Testament Curriculum for Sunday School, preschools, or families.




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