I have always been awed by the symbolism of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly and Jesus being in the tomb and rising again. If your child is familiar with the The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, they will remember that a caterpillar eats, and eats, and eats. Then, and only God can explain this, the caterpillar begins to create a cocoon around itself. Depending on the species, a few days or weeks later, it emerges as a butterfly. Use this example to explain Jesus' resurrection to your child. This example can also be used to explain life without Christ and then having a new life once a person has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

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- Coffee Filter Butterfly - Draw on the coffee filter with washable markers. Using a water bottle, squirt water on the coffee filter.  Watch the colors run together.  Allow to dry.  Scrunch up the middle of the coffee filter and wrap with a pipecleaner to look like antennae.  Spread the wings out.

- Handprint butterfly. Paint the palms of the child's hands.  On a piece of construction paper, stamp the hands down (thumbs down, fingers pointing in opposite directions, handprints touching).  Clean off both hands.  Painting only the index finger black, stamp down the center of the handprints to make the butterfly's body.  Add googly eyes and two antennas.    Add the title "Jesus is Alive!"

- Blue Butterfly Paint the bottom of the child's foot.  Press the feet down on paper with the left foot on the right side and the right foot on the left side.  Leave a little space in between for the butterfly's body. Thank you to Crystal for this cute idea!

- ABC Butterfly ABC Butterfly:
Print the ABC Butterfly . Have the child write:   Admit – I sin.     Believe – Jesus died for me.     Choose – I need God.  Cut out the butterfly pieces.  Glue the pieces together on a piece of construction paper.  Decorate.

- Mirror Paint Butterfly
Print the Butterfly printable.  Fold the paper in half and open back up.  Drop paint around the fold line.  Fold one side onto the other.  Gently push the paint around to cover both sides of the butterfly. Carefully open the butterfly to see a mirror image.

- May Handprint Calendar The butterflies are created with a spread hand.  Orange except for brown down the middle finger and middle of the palm.  Added are a face and antennas.

- Butterfly Card Butterfly Card

- Roll-a-Butterfly Game Roll-a-Butterfly

- Resurrection Illustration ( Original source unknown )
Place a paper butterfly (a coffee filter butterfly works great) into a cardboard tube before the child sees it. Show the tube to the child while covering the sides of the tube with your fingers so he/she can't see the butterfly inside. Tell the child he/she needs to pretend the tube is a fat little caterpillar. Wrap your hands tightly around the tube. Say to the child, "The caterpillar wraps a cocoon around himself. Inside the cocoon it is very quiet and dark. The caterpillar stays there for a long time. That reminds me of the way Jesus stayed in the dark tomb for three days. Let's slowly count to three and remember how long Jesus was in the tomb. 1-2-3. When the caterpillar is ready, he pushes, stretches, and shakes off the cocoon." (Release the tube so the child can see the butterfly.) "And when he comes out, he looks different. Since butterflies have a new life after they come out of the cocoon, they can remind us that Jesus died for us and then rose again."

ABCJLM Caterpillar Ideas:

- Egg Carton Caterpillar Egg Carton Caterpillar - Cut a paper egg carton to make a single line of containers.  Turn upside down and paint each container.  Add black pipecleaners for antennae, a mouth, and googly eyes.  (To use with the Wordless Book theme, paint the caterpillar black, red, white, gold, and green.)

Book Ideas:

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Online Butterfly Ideas:

- Butterfly Crafts
- Life Cycle of a Butterfly Booklet
- Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden - I have never done one of these kits but the ratings are wonderful. Something we might need to try ourselves! Let me know if you have.
Make a caterpillar craft - paper chain caterpillar , egg carton caterpillar , color caterpillar
Make a butterfly craft - coffee filter butterfly , Life cycle of a Butterfly booklet
Make a thumbprint caterpillar and butterfly poster
Caterpillar Cup Craft - Paint, plastic/foam cups, glue, cotton balls; Love this one!
Cut and Paste Hungry Caterpillar , Cut and Paste Butterfly
Coloring Pages
Ideas - #1 , #2

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