Jesus' Death Bible Story

Jesus' Death Bible Story and Books:

Jesus' Death
Scripture: Matthew 27
The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers : pg 148-150
Read and Share Toddler Bible :  pg 175-177
Through the Bible in Felt : pg 225-227


Jesus' Death Verse:

Matthew 28:6 - He is risen as He said.
Tune:  Mary Had a Little Lamb - (Author Unknown)
He is risen as He said
As He said, as He said
He is risen as He said
Matthew 28:6


Jesus' Death Songs and Poems:

- O How I Love Jesus (Traditional)
O, how I love Jesus,
O, how I love Jesus,
O, how I love Jesus,
Because He first loved me!


Jesus' Death Activities and Crafts:

Cross Heart Painting Make a Cross and Heart Painting - Using the template, cut around the cross.  Tape the back of the cross to a white piece of paper.  Using a piece of sponge, stamp around the cross covering the entire piece of paper.  Careful pull up the cross.  Let dry.  Cut out the inside of the heart.  Tape the underside of the heart on top of the cross.  Place a few dots of red paint inside the heart.   Lay a piece of string in the dots of paint and drag around to cover the heart.  Careful pull up the heart.  Let dry.
Explain that the story of Jesus' death is very sad.  But we don't have to stay sad because the best part is coming.
Explain that Jesus died for our sins; for the bad choices that we make.

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