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Explore an assembled collection of snack ideas designed to enhance children's learning experience of the seven days of creation.  Continue scrolling to discover snacks corresponding to each day, from the beginning of creation to God’s sabbath.

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Creation Snack Ideas

 Creation Food Ideas

Creation Snack Ideas

Day 1 (Day, Night) - Oreo cookies
Day 2 (Sky, Water) - Cotton Candy, water or Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, blue Jello, marshmallows
Day 3 (Land, Plants) - Make plants and flowers with stick pretzels, colored M&M's and raisins
Day 4 (Sun, Moon, and Stars) - Yellow piece of cheese cut into a circle, white powder donut, Starburst candy, miniature star pasta 
Day 5 (Fish, Birds) - Goldfish
Day 6 (Animals, Man) - Animal Crackers, Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets, Human Puppy Chow (aka Muddy Buddies)
Day 7 (Rest) - Marshmallows as pillows

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Day 1 Creation Food Idea 

Day 1 Snack

Chocolate and Vanilla Chips

 Shared by Megan

Creation Day 1 Snack for Toddlers

Day 1 Snack

Day and Night Chocolate, Banana Pops

 Shared by Jennifer

Blue Jello Creation Day 2 Idea

Day 2 Snack

Blue Raspberry Jello with Cool Whip clouds

 Shared by Jen

Fruit Flowers Day 3 Creation Snack

Day 3 Snack

Create flowers and plants using cut up vegetables and fruit. 

Shared by Jen

Flower Snack for Preschoolers

Day 3 Snack

Create flowers with peanut butter covered rice cakes, raisins, and grapes as garnish. 

Shared by Lindsay

Day 4 Creation Sugar Cookies

Day 4 Snack

Using sugar cookie dough, cut into circles and stars.  Paint with egg yolk paint - 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water, divided and tinted with food coloring.

Shared by Jen

Day 6 Creation Snack for Toddlers

Day 6 Snack

Using cookie cutters, cut animals out of cheese squares.

Shared by Jen



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