We believe that all should have access to quality, comprehensive, and Bible-based products.  And to help you on your path, each purchase includes personalized support through Live Chat to help you be successful.  


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Family Pricing

Immediate family, home use

Family Pricing


Non-Family Pricing and Licensing

Preschool, Daycare, Home Daycare, Church, Therapy, Non-Profit, and For-Profit Pricing

All product License pricing is an annual subscription (365 days) and is based upon the number of children using each License.  

Also included with each purchase is personalized support through Live Chat.  Each License is to be used according to the License Terms of Use and must be current to continue the use of the ABCJLM website and printed products.  If not listed, contact us for additional children pricing.

Non-Family Pricing & Licensing


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Event Tickets

Prices for the ABCJLM Conferences vary based on length and offerings.  Please check the events page for specifics.  

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Instead of discounts and promo codes, we keep our prices low for everyone. If you search and find coupon codes on the internet, please know that these are bogus and are not created by ABCJLM.


*Prices may change at any time without prior notice.