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Items Needed:

Tactile Letters and Number:  b, B, 3

Books:  Bible, Big Thoughts for Little People, God, I Need to Talk to You About My Bad Temper, Me on the Map, Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Worksheets:  Bubble Characters, Basket of Food, God Provides Food

Activities:  Stuffed animals, Block Activity, Countdown Chain (see below), modeling clay, boat making materials (see below), kitchen scales, mail, map, cotton balls, pipecleaners, crayons, oyster crackers 



Character Trait: Self-Control
Definition:  Making the right choice even if you don’t feel like it
Opposite:  Anger, argue, throw a fit, whine, cry
Big Thoughts for Little People:  Letter B

Bible Story: God Provides Food (Opposite)
Objective:  When I start to lose control of myself, I need to ______.
Scripture:  Exodus 16
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pg 98-101
The Beginner's Bible:  pg 116-119
Through the Bible in Felt:  Story #33

Comprehension Questions:
What were the people grumbling about?
God had done so much for the people of Israel like letting them cross the Red Sea.  Why would they be grumbling now?
Did the people have self-control?
The people forgot that God was taking care of them and started whining.  Do you whine even though your Mommy or Daddy helps you?
Tell me about a time that you didn't have self-control.

Verse: I Peter 1:13 - So think clearly and exercise self-control.
Tune:  She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
So think clear-ly and exercise self-control.  (clap, clap)
So think clear-ly and exercise self-control.  (clap, clap)
First Peter one, thirteen
First Peter one, thirteen
So think clear-ly and exercise self-control.  (clap, clap)

Bible Song: Oh How I Love Jesus (Traditional)
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Because He first loved me!

Books of the Bible: Philippians, Colossians
Math: Opposites – Sink and Float

Letters: B, b
B - body, bubble, bubble -or- bat, around the tree, around the tree
b - body, bubble -or- bat and a ball

Number: 3
Around the tree, around the tree.  That’s the way to make a three!

Information: Sing a song to learn your address.

Book of the Week:
Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo! Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo! by Rosetta Stone

Fine Motor Skill:  Countdown Chain
Gross Motor Skill:   Memory Obstacle Course
Visual Perception Skill: Block Activity


Suggested Activities:

• Character Trait:
- Self-control is one of the hardest traits for young children to develop.  To change poor behavior, the child must be equipped with a better choice.  Help the child come up with an acceptable solution to screaming, throwing a fit, and pouting.  Then work with the child to incorporate this positive behavior into his life.  

- Role play daily situation about self-control using stuffed animals.  Talk about what you may want to do vs. what you should do in various situations.  Also discuss good choices & bad choices throughout the week.

- My Bad Temper Read God I Need to Talk to You About My Bad Temper by Dan Carr

• "God Provides Food" Preschool Bible Story Activities & Color Sheets:

- Color and glue oyster crackers to the God Provides Food worksheet.  

- Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs Read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett as an introduction to the Bible story.  (Idea from Ministry-To-Children)

- Although the Bible doesn't tell us exactly what manna was, have fun making Manna Cookies.

- Gathering Food from Heaven One morning surprise the child by placing cotton balls on the floor of a room.  Discuss the story and then have the child gather the "manna" and glue it onto the Basket of Food worksheet.

• Math:
- Using household items, have your child predict whether an item will sink or float.  Experiment by placing sinking items on floating items.  Incorporate a kitchen scale into the experiment to discuss weight.  Encourage your child to find things throughout the week that he thinks will sink or float.

- Boat is a fun /b/ word to add to this week's focus on the letter "B."

- Why Do Boats Float? - ( Idea from Wondertime Magazine May 2008 by Kevin Markey)
What floats a boat is its shape.  Fill a sink with water.  First roll modeling clay into a solid egg shape.  Drop it in the water and watch it sink.  Now shape the lump into a hollowed-out bowl and place it back into the water.  If the shape is created correctly, the clay will float.  Hint:  The deeper you make the bowl, the more air it encloses and the better it will float.

- Make boats out of plastic baby food containers from " Discover and Learn" or Origami Boats out of paper on the DLTK website.

• Letters & Numbers:
Weeks 15-16 focus on the bubble characters beginning with B, b, and 3. Start by creating the characters using craft sticks for the straight lines and play dough snakes or pipe cleaners for the bubbles and move to writing the characters on the Bubble Characters worksheet to show the progression of the letters and numbers. 

- Point out that writing a "3" is simply the second step in writing a "B."

• Information - Address:
- Just as with the phone number, it is important for a child to know their address.  Once again, setting your address to a song will help a child remember these non-sense words.  The "Muffin Man" works great - 3527 West Purple Road, West Purple Road, West Purple Road....That's where Fred lives.

- Me on the Map Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney is a wonderful book to help your child understand her address.  Learning can be taken a step further by recreating the sequence starting with your child's room moving all of the way up to the world map.  Click for more Me on the Map ideas.

• Book of the Week:
- Discuss cause and effect, sequence of events, and how our actions have both good and bad consequences.

- Using pipecleaners, create a bug headband with antennae.

• Fine Motor Skills:
paper chain Create a Countdown Chain
Instructions: Choose a date to countdown to (i.e. birthday, vacation, family visiting, or Christmas)
Two colors of construction paper - cut into 1”x8” strips to make 12 and 13 strips of each color (totaling 25 strips - use more or less depending on countdown), glue, a marker, scissors
Directions: Write the numbers on the strips, alternating colors between numbers.
Link the colors together to form a chain using the glue.
Tear off a link each day (starting with the highest number).
Each day, count the links that are left.

• Gross Motor Skills:
Create a Memory Obstacle Course with letters and numbers.

• Visual Perception Skill:
Block Activity Block Activity

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