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Items Needed:

Tactile Letters and Numbers:  p, D, 2, 5
Books: Bible, Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book, Big Thoughts for Little People, Dr. Seuss’ Foot Book, Opposites, Mr. Putter & Tabby Bake the Cake 
Worksheets: Bubble Characters, Maze 3, Maze 4Mr. Putter's Cake, The Lord is My Shepherd
Activities:  Upper and lowercase alphabet memory, Fingerpaint, large soft ball or beach ball, green and red construction paper, Children's Safety Scissors, cake ingredients, watercolors, decorations, paint, cotton balls, peach, white crayon



Character Trait: Gentleness
Definition:  Tender, Caring, Loving, Quiet
Opposite:  Harsh, Rough, Loud, Forceful
Big Thoughts for Little People :  Letter J

Bible Story: The Lord is My Shepherd
Objective:  Jesus is my gentle shepherd.
Scripture:  Psalm 23
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes pg 160
The Beginner's Bible : pg 190
Through the Bible in Felt Story #61

Comprehension Questions:
Psalm 23 says that there is no reason to want anything.  Why?
How does it make you feel knowing that the Lord is your shepherd?

Verse: Psalm 23:1 - The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Tune:  Are You Sleeping
The Lord is my Shepherd; (repeat)
I shall not want. (repeat)
The Lord- is my Shepherd;
I- shall not want.
Psalm 23:1 (repeat)

Bible Song: God Loves Kids
Tune: “Three Blind Mice”
God loves kids (repeat 4x) (point up, cross arms over chest, point at self with thumbs)
He loves me more than I can know (cross arms over chest, point to head)
I don’t know why He loves me so (shake head and shrug)
I guess I’ll never, ever know (cross hands in front)
Why God loves kids (point up for God, cross arms over chest, point to self with thumbs)

Math: Opposites – Left and Right

Letters: D, p
D - body, around and back
p - green line and bubble

Numbers: 2, 5
2 - Around and back on the railroad track. Two! Two! Two!
5 - Put on a hat. Then take a dive.  Make a big round tummy.  Now that’s a five!
A little bit down.  Circle the drive.  Put on a hat.  That makes a five!

Information: Sing a song to learn your address.

Book of the Week:
Mr. Putter & Tabby Bake the Cake Mr. Putter & Tabby Bake the Cake by Cynthia Rylant

Fine Motor Skill: Fingerpaint
Gross Motor Skill:   Bat the Ball
Visual Perception Skill:  Mazes


Suggested Activities:

• Character Trait:
- peach Because of its softness, a peach is sometimes the "fruit" representing gentleness.  Peaches easily bruise and one must be very gentle when handling them.  Purchase a peach to eat and discuss gentleness.

- Miss Spider's Tea Party Book Use Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book as a reinforcement of counting (1-12).  Allow your child to say the numbers as you read.  Also discuss how the spider was gentle with the moth as she dried off his wings.

• Bible:
- With a white crayon, color the sheep on The Lord is My Shepherd worksheet.  Paint with watercolors the worksheet.

- Lamb Handprint Craft Make a lamb handprint.  Paint the palm and fingers of the hand black.  Press down on a piece of paper with the fingers parallel and the thumb outstretched.  Glue cotton balls on the palm and part of the fingers.  Add eyes, a mouth, and ears on the thumb for the lamb's face.  Add the title "The Lord is My Shepherd."

- Click for more ABCJLM Jesus is My Shepherd ideas...

• Math:
- “Left to Right is the way we Read and Write!” (Author unknown)
Trace and cut out the child's left hand on green paper and the right hand on red paper. Use the cutouts for the following activities:
1. Using the Bubbles Character Worksheet, glue the green hand to the left side and the red hand to the right. Teach your child to always start at the left (green hand – go), and stop at the right (red hand – stop) when writing.

2. Practice reading numbers on an alarm clock.  Place the green hand and red hand on the sides of an electric clock..

3.  Have your child hold the green hand on left side or red hand on the right side of a book as you read.  Point to the words as you read.

- Tie a red ribbon around the child's right hand to help the child remember (red=right).

- Foot Book Dr. Seuss’ Foot Book is a fun book of opposites.

- Opposites Book Opposites by Sandra Boynton is another fun book.

• Letters & Numbers:
- Week 16 focuses on the bubble characters p, D, 2, and 5.  Start by creating the characters using craft sticks for the straight lines and play dough snakes or pipe cleaners for the bubbles and move to writing the characters on the Bubble Characters worksheet to show the progression of the letters and numbers. 

- Use the bubble of the "D" for the first formation of the "2."  The bottom of the "5" is like the bubble of the "p"

- Play Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Memory with letters learned so far.

• Information:
- Discuss the mailing system and the importance of your address.  Here are a few ideas:  Walk to the mailbox and watch for the postman.  Look at various items from the mail.  Look on a map.  Google earth is really cool.  Have your child send himself a letter through the USPS.

- Continue helping your child learn his address through the song "Muffin Man."

• Book of the Week:
- Mr. Putter's Cake Pictures Decorate the Mr. Putter's Cake worksheet using watercolors and decorations.

- Find the illustrated cat on each page.

- Halfway through the book discuss what you can make to give to other people.  Make that item to give away.

• Fine Motor Skills:
Fingerpaint numbers and letters learned

• Gross Motor Skills:
Blue Ball Have your child stand opposite you with about seven feet separating you.  Before throwing a large soft ball or beach ball toward your child, say "right", "left", or "both".  Depending on what you say, have the child bat the ball away with that hand(s).  This requires another level of thinking.  At first, have your child show you which hand(s) she will use.  As she improves, give her less time before the ball is thrown.

• Visual Perception Skill:
Maze Worksheets Teach pencil control with Mazes.  Instruct the child to keep the pencil from hitting the lines while doing the mazes.  Additional mazes available in the ABCJLM Visual Perception Workbook.

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