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Items Needed:

Tactile Letters:  U, u
Book: Bible, Big Thoughts for Little People, Gregory, the Terrible Eater
CDs: Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 2
Worksheets:  Characters, My Orange Book, It's Time to Be Thankful, My Food Plate, 1" Tracing Paper, Naaman
Activities: Fingerpaint, Lacing, play phones, spray bottle, blue paint



Character Trait: Thankful
Definition:  Being grateful and telling someone about it, appreciating
Opposite:  Complaining, ungrateful
Big Thoughts for Little People:  Letter T

Bible Story: Naaman
Objective:  God gives us graciously.  We need to thank Him for it.
Scripture:  2 Kings 5
The Beginner's Bible pg 230-234
My Story Bible pg 50-51
Through the Bible in FeltStory #80

Comprehension Questions:
What was wrong with Naaman?
Who did Naaman visit?
What did Elisha tell Naaman to do?
What did Naaman think of Elisha's plan?
Who healed Naaman?

Verse: Psalm 118:1 - Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
Steve Green - Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 2 - #14

Bible Song: Thank You, Lord (Traditional)
Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul
Thank You, Lord, for making me whole
Thank You, Lord, for giving to me
Thy great salvation so rich and free
(Sheet music)

Math: Sequence your day

Letters: U, u
U - cup it up
u - cup it up then down
Numbers: Write number 0-9

Information: Write phone number and full address on tracing paper.
My Color Book:  Orange

Book of the Week:
Gregory, the Terrible Eater Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat

Fine Motor Skill:  Fingerpaint
Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course
Visual Perception Skill:  Lacing


Suggested Activities:

• Character Trait:
- Thank You and Praise God
As a family, take a moment to play a game of "Thank You and Praise God."  Take turns telling about something you are thankful for.  After each person says their remembrance, together say, "Thank you and Praise God."

- Time to Be Thankful Watch Time to Be Thankful (Original Source Unknown)
Cut out and decorate the It's Time to Be Thankful worksheet.  Attach to the child's wrist.

• Bible:
- Place watered-down blue paint in an old spray bottle.  Place the Naaman worksheet in a safe place and spray the paint on the worksheet.  

• Math:
- In Week 25 the child sequences a normal day's activities and created a visual a schedule depicting the future.  This week focuses on the past.  Allow the child to explain dictating a letter or to someone over the phone the sequence of events of her day.

- Have the child think of some things he can't do now (present), but will be able to when he grows older (future).  Also, name some things he can do now (present) that he couldn't do when he was younger (past).  (Idea from Tripod)

• Letters:
- Week 28 focuses on the last two leftover characters "U" and "u."  Start by creating the characters using play dough snakes or pipe cleaners and move to writing the characters on the Characters worksheet.  Be sure to say the Letter Formation Chant as the child creates each character.

- On 1” Tracing Paper, have the child write number 0-9.  Draw a box for each number and add the green and red dots if needed. 

• Information:
- Have your child write her phone number and address on the 1” Tracing Paper. Use yellow lines and boxes along with green and red dots as a guide on numbers with which the child is still struggling.  Depending on the ability of your child, work on small sections at a time if needed. 

- In Lesson 17, your child learned how to dial 911.  Review this with play phones and practice calling 911 to report an emergency.  Have your child tell the "dispatcher" her full name, phone number, and address.  Always remind your child that 911 is for emergencies only.  Remind her what constitutes an emergency.  Also conduct a fire drill as a family.  Decide on a meeting place and discuss what doors to use and how to get out of the house.

• My Color Book:
Cut, color, and finish the My Orange Book.  Help your child read the lines.

• Book of the Week:
- Food Pyramid Worksheet Cut out pictures of various types of food and glue on the My Food Plate worksheet.  Help the child create healthy meals by gluing the pictures of the food in the appropriate areas of the plate.  Create several meals.  You can do the same activity gluing food on a paper plate instead of the printable.

Fine Motor Skills:
Fingerpaint letters, numbers and shapes.

• Gross Motor Skills:
Create a Memory Obstacle Course focusing on colors. 

• Visual Perception Skill:
Lacing Lacing

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