Blind Bartimaeus Flannelgraph Storyboard

Bible and Books:

Character Trait: Persevering
Definition:  Not stopping even though problems come and you feel like quitting
Opposite:  Giving up

Bible Story: Blind Bartimaeus
Objective:  Jesus gives me strength to keep going even though I want to give up.
Scripture:  Mark 10:46-52
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eye pg 280-281
My Story Bible pg 100-103
Through the Bible in Felt:  pg 206


Blind Bartimaeus Song

My God is So Big (Traditional) 

My God is so big (move hands out from each other at sides)
So strong and so mighty (make muscles with up with both arms, and then down)
There’s nothing my God cannot do  (shake head “no” and cross arms in front of body”
For you  (point at other person)
(Repeat Chorus)

The mountains are His (make mountains with arms above head)
The valleys are His (make valleys with arms at waist)
The stars are His handiwork too – oo – oo (Hold hands above head and make “stars” with fingers)
(Repeat Chorus)


Blind Bartimaeus Activities and Crafts:

- ABCJLM Bible Coloring Sheets: Blind Bartimaeus

- Try to do a normal activity with a blindfold on.  Help the child understand how excited Bartimaeus must have been to have his sight restored.

- Review the five senses from the 4 Year Curriculum Weeks 21-23.


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