Crafts not only work fine and gross muscles and build imagination, Christmas crafts help the child focus on the truth of the season

Handprint and Footprint Calendar

Hand and Footprint Calendar

Create a Handprint & Footprint Calendar to give as a gift to a loved one. The instructions include examples to make for each month as well as suggested Bible verses that correspond with the prints.

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath 

Cut out the inside of a paper plate and decorate with cut pieces of construction paper or tissue paper. 

Craft Stick Christmas Trees

Craft Stick Christmas Trees

Using craft scissors, cut the craft sticks to the size needed. May use sandpaper to round the edges.  Then glue them together with a hot glue gun and paint.  Decorate and glue a piece of string on the back of the ornament to hang.

Christmas Card

Send Christmas Cards

Have your child assist you in mailing Christmas cards:  sign his/her name, tell you his/her address, insert the card or photo, seal the envelope, add the return address.  Demonstrate the proper way to address and stamp a card.

Handprint Christmas Tree

Handprint Christmas Tree

Create a handprint Christmas tree on a towel, bag, tablecloth, t-shirt, etc.  Could also be used as the "December" Handprint & Footprint Calendar page.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Draw a curvy line on a piece of paper.  Every so often, draw a tiny rectangle along the line.  Place small dollops of paint on a plate for the child to dip his finger into and then print with his index finger at the rectangle to make a Christmas light.  

Truck picture Christmas ornament.

Truck Picture Ornament

Make this adorable picture ornament with buttons, popsicle sticks, glue, string, and greenery. 

image shared by jennifer

Blessing Ornament

Blessing Ornaments:  Tying the Holidays Together

One of the things I struggle with this time of year is tying Thanksgiving with Christmas.  It seems I focus a little on Thanksgiving and a lot on Christmas, but I fail to tie the two together.  

ideas shared by amy

Snowflake Handprint

Snowflake Handprint

Paint the child's index finger white.  Create a snowflake by making fingerprints in a circle on a piece of colored paper.

3D Christmas Tree

3D Christmas Tree

Print the 3D Christmas Tree worksheet.  Decorate the 3 trees. Cut out and fold each in half vertically with the design folded in.  Unfold and glue the back of each tree.  Attach ½ of Tree A to ½ Tree B.  Attach ½ of Tree B to Tree C.  Finish by attaching remaining ½ tree C to remaining tree A to create a 3D tree.  May also make a tree with 3 or 4 sides by using the template to create trees on construction paper or cardstock.  

Fabric Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Handprint Christmas Ornaments

My mom made Handprint Christmas Ornaments for us when we were kids.  Our kiddos love looking at how small my hand was my first Christmas.  Now they enjoy looking at their own hands as well. Learn more...

Wrapping Paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Make homemade wrapping paper with a brown paper grocery sack or large piece of brown packing paper.  Paint, color, or stamp decorations.

Stamping being placed on envelope.

Photos of Prayer

Discover how to turn Christmas cards into a family prayer opportunity.

Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Poster

Using craft supplies like sequins, pompoms, glitter, and stickers, decorate the tree poster.

Cellophane Christmas Tree

Cut two same-sized, small Christmas trees from green construction paper.  Hold together and punch holes with a hole punch through the double layers.  Separate the trees and glue a piece of cellophane between the trees.  Hang the tree to allow the light to shine through the cellophane-covered holes.  

Gingerbread House

Christmas Craft Recipes

Combine cooking and baking to create fun Christmas crafts with these fun recipes.

Snowmen Handprint

Snowmen Handprint

Create five snowmen by painting the hand white and printing onto a piece of colored paper.  When dry, add the hat, face, carrot nose, and buttons on each finger.

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